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MonDog Mission

The original guardian of the Montrose Beach Dog Friendly Area, MonDog’s mission is to ensure Chicago residents and their canine friends have a fun, clean, and safe beach experience.  A completely volunteer organization, MonDog endeavors to represent the dog beach community with an emphasis on owner participation and responsibility.  MonDog is committed to the ongoing preservation and improvement of Montrose Dog Beach through owner education, volunteer support, and community partnerships.  Please show your support by making a generous donation to MonDog today. MonDog does not share or distribute members info, or send spam to our email list. 

  • Next Run: 9/22/19 10:30 AM Chicago Lung Run
  • Don’t forget to get your 2019 DFA Tag
  • Pooh bags cost money, make a donation today!
  • Interested in an active role, contact us

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